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Creating the Heart of a Community

LOCATION: Millcreek, Utah

SQ FOOT: 75,000


Located in the picturesque Salt Lake Valley in Utah lies Millcreek, a city where community spirit and innovation are thriving. Despite having a rich history in the region, Millcreek only gained city status in 2016. With such a recent incorporation, Millcreek faced the challenge of building a municipal government from the ground up, initially housing essential functions and community gatherings in a humble space within an empty strip mall. The city’s newfound independence and lack of a downtown area presented an exciting opportunity—to create a new city center that would serve as the vibrant hub of this dynamic community.

Guided by principles of walkability, cultural richness, and civic engagement, the blueprint for Millcreek Common and City Hall was born, with final approval of the plan occurring in 2019. City planners collaborated with MHTN Architects and partners like Workspace Elements, a local furniture dealer based in Salt Lake City, to bring their vision to life.

“We knew we needed more than just a traditional city hall. We needed a space that would reflect the unique character and energy of our community,” explains Kurt Hansen, City Facilities Director for Millcreek.

However, the city faced a challenge when it came to furnishing the new space. “We wanted to create a space that was both functional and inviting, but we had a limited budget and needed to be fiscally responsible,” says Hansen.

Together, Workspace Elements and HON worked closely with Millcreek to find creative solutions that would meet their needs without breaking the bank. From conference rooms to lobbies, each space was thoughtfully furnished with pieces that combine comfort, durability, and design.

“Millcreek is not your typical city—it’s dynamic, full of ideas, and constantly evolving. Our goal with the new city hall and common area was to become the community’s magnet, offering an exciting environment that reflects our innovative spirit. People are thrilled with this new space, from the stunning views to the modern furniture—it’s truly a great place to be.” – Kurt Hansen City Facilities Director Millcreek

“HON proved to be the ideal choice for this project in every aspect,” shares Ben Jenkinson, Account Manager for Workspace Elements. “It had the right look, the right cost, and the right breadth of products to perfectly align with this project’s design vision and budget constraints. HON’s extensive range of textile and style options ensured that we could meet every requirement without compromising on quality or design.”

In their discussions, the team carefully considered where new furniture was truly needed. They opted to repurpose existing furniture for their offices and use their furnishings budget to ensure their public-facing areas, such as their council chambers, meeting rooms, and communal spaces, were welcoming and comfortable. Says Hansen, “Workspace Elements did an outstanding job of blending our existing pieces with the new HON furnishings to create a cohesive and inviting environment.”

In May 2022, Millcreek unveiled Phase 1 of its new city center. Spanning 2 acres, Millcreek Common features a vibrant outdoor plaza with an 11,725-square-foot multi season rink for ice and roller skating, a splash pad, and a rock climbing wall that draws residents in. Next to the Common lies the stunning new city hall, which opened in November 2023, taking a radical departure from conventional municipal buildings with its warm and welcoming ambiance.

The bustling main floor of the new building features two restaurants and a public market where local vendors showcase their goods. The second floor houses the city council chamber and reception areas, and the third floor is dedicated to the police department. City offices occupy the fourth and fifth floors, while the sixth floor features a ballroom with breathtaking panoramic views of the mountains that can be rented for. private events.

“This project has been truly unique in its approach,” shares Greg Beecher, Project Manager for MHTN Architects. “It’s rare to find a city hall that’s so community-oriented and openly welcoming to the public. From the design to the furniture selection, every aspect was geared towards fostering interaction and connection between residents.”

With Phase 2 of development on the horizon—complete with miniature golf and an amphitheater—Millcreek’s city center promises to maintain its vision of serving as the cultural hub for residents and the heart of the city. “For us, this city hall building is more than just bricks and mortar. It’s a symbol of our community’s spirit— flexible, resilient, and endlessly innovative,” reflects Hansen. “People come here knowing they’re not stepping into a traditional municipal atmosphere. They’re entering a community alive with possibility.”

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